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The Benefits Of Making Homemade Jam

Right now there is an abundance of fruits making this the perfect time to harvest the fresh berries around and make homemade jam. Many people are put off making homemade jam because they believe it requires a lot of specialised equipment, plus they think it is difficult and time consuming to make. In fact none of this is true. Jam making is not only simple to do, but requires no more than a preserving pan and jars to store it in. Extras like funnels and thermometers are cheap to buy and can be gradually purchased at a later date.

But why go to all this fuss when you can easily buy inexpensive jams in the shops? There are many benefits to having homemade jam that makes going to the effort of producing your own worthwhile. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe homemade jam is great...

No Added Preservatives

Making your own jam, like all home cooking, means that you know exactly what you are putting into your food and, therefore, what you are feeding your family. Jams are naturally high in sugar, so it is even more important that there are no added preservatives or unnecessary sugars added to the jam you eat, especially if you are giving it to children. As well as this, making your own jam requires using fresh fruit, normally berries, so you can be sure that the jam you are eating has some goodness amongst all that sugar.


One of the reasons jam making was popular with our ancestors was because it was a good way of preserving the fruits available in summer ready to eat in the coming colder months. Today it is still a great way of ensuring that the fruit that is in abundance during summer doesn’t go to waste, plus a great way of ensuring that you have freshly made jam available in the cupboard anytime you need it. Jam can keep for up to six months, after this time it can start to lose its flavour but is usually still edible.

Save Money

Making jam at this time of year when berries are cheap to buy or even free to pick means that in the long term making your own jam is more cost effective than buying it from the shop. As well as this, the quality of the jam you make at home would be very expensive if you were to purchase it in the shops. In short, it is a great way of getting good quality and nutritious jams for very little money.

Simple & Easy

Making homemade jam is not only inexpensive but also simple and easy to do. All you have to ensure is that you have clean jars in which to the store the jam, a good preserving pan, fruit and sugar. There are many jam recipes online which vary in the difficulty of technique, however basic jam recipes are very easy to follow and simple to do. Once you’ve perfected your jam making technique you will have the ability and equipment to make fresh jam for years to come.

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