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Tips For Late Summer Garden Maintenance

Summer is a time to sit back in your garden and enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in over the last few months. The flowers are in bloom and vegetables are ripe for harvesting. While this is a great time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, now is also a time that you start planning ahead and preparing your garden for the coming autumn and winter months...


Late summer is a time when we experience sunnier and warmer days, which can mean that lawns quickly start going brown. You can help to keep your grass looking green by feeding it with lawn food, there are a number of different types of lawn foods available which will suit various lawn needs and requirements. As well as feeding your lawn, you should also ensure that it is regularly watered, as if it dries out it will quickly start to die and you may even have to plant new grass seeds or lay new turf. The sunshine and regular water will mean that your grass will grow relatively fast, so it is a good idea to invest in a good lawn mower that will help to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.


July and August sees many flowers coming to the end of their bloom. To help to encourage them to stay in bloom for as long as possible deadhead flowers regularly. During late summer you are likely to get more pests in the garden that can attack your plants and flowers causing long-term damage, however they can easily be dealt with by using plant insecticides. Flowers like Wisteria and lupins need to be pruned while other types of plants, for example Geraniums and Delphiniums, need to be cut back to encourage new growth.

Fruit & Vegetables

Now is the time many of your fruit and vegetables will be ready for picking. You should harvest your vegetables and fruit as soon as they are ripe, this will encourage further growth and a second harvest. As with flowers now is a time that your fruit and vegetables are likely to be attacked by pests, so ensure that you use products like fruit and vegetable disease control to help protect them from fungicide. If it is a particularly hot spell you should also make sure that you water your fruits and vegetables regularly to ensure that they continue growing and remain healthy. You can also look ahead and plant some vegetables now so that they will be ready for harvest at the end of the year, for example, if you plant potatoes now in potable pots (so that they can be brought inside once the weather turns colder) they will be ready for harvesting just after Christmas.


During a spell of nice weather is a great time to take care of your fencing. Using a fence protector will help to keep your fencing in good condition all year round. Also think about coating wooden fences with wood stain at this time of year, again doing it now will ensure that it continues to look well-conditioned throughout the rest of the year.

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