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Roundup Tree Stump and Rootkiller 250ml

A Non-Selective Translocated Weedkiller
  • Roundup tree stump and root killer is a non-selective translocated weedkiller which is absorbed via leaves and freshly cut woody surfaces, it then moves thoughtout the entire plant, above and below the ground.

    Roundup tree stump and rootkiller is for control of standing coniferous and deciduous trees, newly cut tree stumps, tree saplings, brambles, bracken, nettles, japanese knotweed and other tough and woody weeds.

    It will also kill grasses and deep rooted perennials.

    Once it makes contact with the soil it is made inactive and is broken down by soil micro-organisms.

    When to use;

    It should be applied as a foliar spray to weeds and saplings at any time when the weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf area to absorb the spray.

    Freshly cut tree stumps and standing trees should be treated from November to March to avoid the period of active sap flow that happens in spring/early summer.

    Avoid spraying when rain is imminent, as rain within 6 hours of spraying may reduce the effectiveness which would mean having to repeat the treatment. 

    Avoid spraying in windy conditions as the spray may drift to lawns and other plants that are wanted. Aviod contact with cultivated plants. If there is contact with cultivated plants Immediately andThoroughtly wash off the weed killer with ample water.

    Where to use;

    It controls most weed around the garden and can be used to clean up weedy ground before planting.

    Do not use it on lawns or other wanted plants. do not use it under polythene or glass.

    How to use;

    Cut the tree or shrub close to the ground in November to March, and thoroughly treat the cut surface of the stump as soon as possible after felling.


    Deciduous trees, 10% solution in water.

    Coniferous trees, 20% solution in water.

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