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ReOn LED GU10 3W Warm White

ReOn LED GU10 bulb (single pack) 3W (approx 25W equivalent) Warm White (3000K)

100 Degree beam angle.
  • ake the switch to LED and save yourself money on your energy bills, time wasted buying and fitting new bulbs, and risk factor from inefficient, dangerously hot bulbs. 

    These GU10 spotlight bulbs from ReOn are great for the kitchen or anywhere you have a GU10 fitting. With the latest in energy saving technology, and a stylish look at a great price, it's time you joined the LED revolution! 

    We have 3 power options available to suit various requirements, and 2 colour outputs; warm white (like a traditional halogen bulb) and cool white (like daylight). Coopers Direct recommends warm white for most household rooms and cool white for office or workshop situations. See alternative products tab for all options. 

    Benefits of LED's over other bulbs:
    Energy saving - LED bulbs are up to 10 times more efficient than incandescent halogen bulbs and twice as efficient as flourescent bulbs.
    Long Life - LED bulbs typically outlast incandescent bulbs by as much as 20 times, compared to flourescent that are normally only 8 to 10 times.
    Low Heat - LED bulbs produce far less wasted heat which makes them safer for all fittings including recessed ceiling fittings where you would typically get scorch marks from a halogen bulb.
    Instant On - Compared with flourescent alternatives which take time to come on or reach full brightness, LED bulbs behave like an incandescent to give you full light right away.
    Safety - There are several reasons that make good quality LED bulbs a lot safer than the alternatives; low heat for low fire risk, no harmful substances like Mercury in flourescent tubes, no "exploding" glass like a halogen sometimes does when the bulb blows. 

    Benefits of these ReOn bulbs over other LED brands:
    Style - Some LED bulbs can look badly designed or built. Our ReOn bulbs are well designed and stylish to look good in any fitting.
    Safety - while the actual LED's are low voltage, all GU10s have an internal transformer for the mains input. These ReOn bulbs have an insulated plastic exterior to prevent risk of electricution. Don't buy metal housed LED bulbs unless you are sure of a quality brand with proper earthing.
    Diffuse Light - a translucent diffuser screen in front of the LEDs gives these bulbs a more comfortable light for the home or office.

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