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Bayer Bio Toprose Rose Fertilizer 4Kg

Toprose is the essential rose and shrub feed, for vibrant blooms and healthy foliage.
  • Toprose is the essential rose and shrub feed, for vibrant blooms and healthy foliage.

    Toprose is more than an ordinary fertiliser, It has the three essential plant foods which are nitrogen, phosphate and potash, but it also contains iron and magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiency and prevent premature leaf drop and discolouring.

    Directions for use;

    Established roses, only two applications are needed for a complete season's feeding. Apply evenly to the soil around the plants and hoe in lightly. Keep Toprose off the stems and leaves. Water the soil if it is dry. First feed in spring when active growth starts, applying 28g (1oz) around each plant. The second feed should be in the summer after the first flush of flowers has faded, again 28g (1oz) around each plant.

    New roses, you can put in bare-rooted plants between late October and March. but the ground must not be frozen or waterlogged.Dig a hole which is wide enough and deep enough to allow the roots to spread out fully.Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil. The bud union should be 2.5cm (1in) below the soil level when planting is complete.

    Container-grown plants may be put in at anytime of the year providing the soil condition is suitable. Water thoroughly before planting or removing the container. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil. Once the container is stood in the hole, cut down the side of the container and remove it carefully.

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