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  • Calmag Calsoft Non Electric Water Softener

Calmag Calsoft Non Electric Water Softener

CalSoft NE Is A Non-Electrical Ion Exchange Water Softener
  • CalSoft NE is a non-electrical ion exchange water softener. Water softeners are the only solution to eliminate limescale problems in hard water areas. Ion exchange is a simple process whereby calcium (limescale) is replaced by sodium (salt) in your water. This creates soft water. This unit is one of the most economical softeners available.

    Calsoft NE is as easy to install as a washing machine and comes with no flashing lights, digits or confusing programmes. It has been designed to fit under a single kitchen cupboard. All the unit requires is an inlet, outlet, drain and overflow.

    Water travels through the inlet to the bottom of the resin tank. It is then forced through the resin bed and calcium (limescale) particles are exchanged with sodium (salt) particles that are held on the resin beads. The softened water then passes through the oulet and supplies your home with limescale free, softened water.

    CalSoft NE is a twin resin vessel softener that will constantly supply softened water to your home. We normally recommend this unit where there is a high demand for softened water. After a pre-set volume of water has passed through a meter on the unit, regeneration of the exhausted vessel will begin and water supply will switch to the other vessel. Once the resin vessel completes its regeneration process, your water will continue to be softened by both resin tanks..

    After Installation you should notice the following effects

    • 1. Existing scale on pipes and appliances will begin to break down upon contact with softened water. NB this process will take longer in your hot water cylinder.
    • 2. The water in your central heating storage tank will become softened and as a result, will begin to treat the boiler and pipework.
    • 3. You should notice that you require less soap and detergents around your home, as they mix much more effectively with softened water. In some cases you could reduce the amount of soaps and detergents you use by 75%.
    • 4. After several months your hot water system will gradually become more efficient. Eventually you should be able to lower the water temperature and make considerable savings over the year.

    CalSoft comes with a 5 year guarantee on parts and 12 months on labour.

    We recommend that there is always a separate water supply maintained for providing potable drinking water.

    You may notice a hardness in your bath water a month or so after fitting a water softener. This is due to the descaling of your hot water cylinder, this effect will gradually diminish over time.

    You may also notice a slight green stain under taps. This is caused by poor quality pipework leaching into the water. It can be cleaned off with a proprietary cleaner.

    CalSoft NE comes with a 5 year guarantee on parts as standard, but can be extended to 10 years - details supplied




    485mmWidth 250mmDepth 440mmOperating Pressure 1.4 to 8.5 barMax Pressure 8 barMin Pressure 1 barSalt used per regeneration 300gWater used per regeneration 17 litresMaximum flow rate50 litres per minMinimum flow rate 30 litres/minute
    50 litres/minute
    70 litres/minute
    0.2 bar
    0.5 bar
    1.0 bar

    Resin volume
    Inlet/outlet connections
    Salt storage capacity

    11.5 litres
    3/4" BSP

    Salt type: Block, tablet or granular. Salt storage capacity: 4 x 4kg blocks or 12kg tablet or granular

  • Specifications

    SKU: 24503501

    Weight: 10.0000KG

    Dimensions: 0.0000 x 0.0000 M

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